OSTC plus

Big Display, easy to handle and individually adjustable

The OSTC plus fulfills the needs of sport divers and tech divers equally.

It always feels good to have further options. With the OSTC plus you have all opportunities. It can be operated both with the firmware hwOS sport edition for sport divers and the firmware hwOS tech edition for technical divers. If you choose the sport edition initially, the OSTC plus will stay your companion even if you want to develop yourself in technical diving. For a fee you can get an update and upgrade your OSTC plus into a full trimix dive computer.

The tech edition covers all ranges of technical diving including trimix and rebreather diving. The sport edition supports nitrox diving with three gases and is a reliable companion even for challenging dives. Both fimwares offer a wide range of configuration options and additional functions such as an apnea mode or a digital compass.

The OSTC plus can be operated easily and intuitively, its big colour display adjusts to the ambient light and is readable anytime, both in sunshine and in a dark lake. Two integrated sensor buttons can be easily used with thick gloves or ring systems.

Solid aluminium housing
Milled from a single block, extremely durable, Available in many colours

Big colour display
Permanently illuminated and redable at any time No disturbing reflexions in bright sunlight

Extremely fast charging
The battery is fully charged in only 2 hours and offers 30 hours of run time, Alternatively the use of an AA battery is possible

For sport divers and tech divers
Firmware hwOS sport edition (3 gases, Nitrox up to 100 %) or hwOS tech edition (5 gases, Trimix and rebreather function), Upgrade possible

Bühlmann ZH-L16C
Well-proven and safe, adjustable with gradient factors (GF)

Adjustable parameters
Including decompression model configuration, warning messages and brightness levels

Bluetooth connection
Easy read-out and connection to PC, Mac or smartphone, Compatible with a lot of logbook programs

Updates for free
Updates and additional software at www.heinrichsweikamp.com

Made in Germany
High-quality materials, manufactured in Germany, Fast service and support

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