The dive computer with the smallest transmitter on the market

Our response to a gas integrated dive computer: The OSTC 2 TR with an extremely compact transmitter.
Many scuba divers don`t want to miss the comfort of monitoring their gas consumption also on the display of their dive computer. To fulfill this whish, we developed the OSTC 2 TR with transmitter. It is based on our proven model OSTC 2 and offers all the amenities and configuration possibilities what our classical is known for. Additionally the OSTC 2 TR is equipped with a receiver that can receive and display up to five transmitters at once.

The transmitter is extra compact and fits to every regulator. It is very robust and withstands the toughest conditions. All kinds of gases can be transmitted, the dive computer displays the tank pressure and the remaining bottom time. The runtime of the transmitter is huge, it runs at least 300 hours in dive mode with only one battery – which can be replaced by the user, of course.

Also the OSTC 2 TR is a long-distance runner, its powerful rechargeable battery offers up to 60 hours of runtime. And that in spite of the big colour display that is illuminated permanently. With this values you hardly have to think about recharging. But when you have to, it is very simple: Just put the dive computer on the charging pad and that`s it.

Developed and produced entirely in Germany, the OSTC 2 TR is backed by years of experience and continuous improvements. Last but not least, it comes with free firmware updates, an interactive user forum, rapid service and competent support.

Anatomically shaped housing
Fits perfectly to the curvature of the arm

Big colour display
Permanently illuminated and readable at any time. No disturbing reflexions in bright sunlight

Powerful rechargeable battery
Gas integrated 

Gas integrated
Transmission of up to five transmitters, all gases possible. Monitoring of tank pressure and remaining bottom time. Extremely compact and robust transmitter, fits to all regulators

For sport divers and tech divers
Firmware hwOS sport (3 gases, Nitrox up to 100 %) or hwOS tech (5 gases, Trimix and rebreather function) Upgrade possible at any time

Bühlmann-Modell ZH-L16C
Well-proven and safe, adjustable with gradient factors (GF)

Adjustable parameters
Including configuration of decompression model, warning messages and brightness levels

Bluetooth connection
Easy read-out and connection to PC, Mac or smartphone Compatible with a lot of logbook programs

Updates for free
Updates and additional software at www.heinrichsweikamp.com

Made in Germany
High-quality materials, manufactured in Germany. Fast service and supportt

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